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25–29 September 2019


Jewelry and watches

Pavilion No. 75
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RosYuvelirExpert LLC

+7 (812) 320-8099

The International JUNWEX Moscow Exhibition of Jewellery and Watch Brands is held with support from the Russian Jewellery Trade Club, RosYuvelirExpert RIA, and the Yuvelirnaya Rossiya (Jewellery Russia) publishing house.
To date, the exhibition is not only the largest and most prestigious in Russia but also objectively the most commercially beneficial to participants—that is, for jewellery manufacturers, industry trade experts, and companies specialising in jewellery technologies, equipment, packaging, and software.

The dedicated technology section at the JUNWEX Tech exhibition will feature a wide selection of goods and services for jewellery making as well as a full supply of goods and services for the jewellery trade.

The autumn session at the JUNWEX Training Centre traditionally takes place while the exhibition is running. The All-Russian Best Jewellery of Russia competition is held there as well.